The world

Why is the world so gloomy, if the Sun doesn’t shine? The Sun, the heat, the light.. The Sun makes everything more beautiful. Look at the trees outside. In your garden or in the street, which is more beautiful? The stones of the houses and streets or the trees.. Everything around you is alive and also lets you live again. Just think about the tip of the tree that is lit by the most beautiful light, sunlight. No machine can create this feeling, the life around us is more important than the technology around us. The life around us is what it always was, some generations of children don’t see that. They look at the screen … Where so-called everything happens, and yes you can find everything on the internet. But the real-life experience isn’t the same. For someone who can enjoy a few trees or a view from a window. Wich feeling is more beautiful than the country white is of the snow or frost and you see the roads shine because of the sunlight. With this technological time, people no longer see how beautiful this is. Often people forget that you cannot life without sunlight … To see that a dark sky that is no longer lit by that round, bright and luminous sphere. The sky isn’t going to show the beautiful pink or orange colors, no sunrise or sunset. Can you imagine … I don’t, almost everyone feels something in the life around us. It could be anything. The worst thing is that children of this generation don’t have that experience. The feeling of life, the feeling of real life… We, the people who know how that feels. We need to pass that feeling on to the next generations. To pass on what it’s like to live life. To take care of each other,¬†how nature and the Earth must maintain. The only thing that we hear is that we really need change… Change of politics, culture, technology and life. But the only thing that is going to change is the Earth, if we don’t do anything it might be too late…

Let’s make some changes and let’s create a better world!


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