The feeling of life, the feeling of real life… We, the people who know how that feels. We need to pass that feeling on to the next generations. To pass on what it’s like to live life. To take care of each other, how nature and the Earth must maintain. The only thing that we hear is that we really need change… Change of politics, culture, technology and life. But the only thing that is going to change is the Earth, if we don’t do anything it might be too late…

Let’s make some changes and let’s create a better world!

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I don’t want to create any hate or issue’s.. I’m sorry that my life goal is different than yours, but that is the beautiful thing about our world. Different people means a difference in the way that people think. And because there are so much different ways of thinking, the world isn’t lost yet. We need to believe in the people that life in this world. If we want something, we can create it with each other. Just believe….

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